What We Do

We don’t just care for our community. We build it.
  • Cabinets

    We take pride in building our cabinets from scratch. From lumber or plywood to match any style desired.

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  • Furniture

    We can build any type of furniture you can imagine. We specialize in dining room tables, credenzas, end tables, coffee tables, and so much more!

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  • Kitchens

    We take pride in our custom kitchen builds. From small, cozy to grand, luxurious kitchens, and anywhere in between, we can do it all!

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  • Backyards

    We can turn your backyard into the coolest hang out with a new gazebo, pergola, screened in porch, decks and swings.

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  • Bathrooms

    Whether it's a stand alone vanity or new built in cabinets to store your linens, we can match any style that you desire in your bathroom.

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  • Bedrooms

    We specialize in custom beds, chest of drawers or bedside tables. We can also upgrade any mouldings.

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  • Businesses

    From servicing our local restaurants with bars, wine racks and dining tables, to building custom point of sales counters, reception desks, and any cabinets needed.

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