About Us

We do our best for our customers and for God.

Community Involvement

We are based out of Clinton, MS, where our founder, Kyle Keith, was born and raised. He has worked very closely with the City of Clinton doing various projects such as constructing the Train Depot Bell Tower, the Courthouse, and Lion’s Club Park.

Mission Work

Playground construction in Cambodia with The Hard Places Community

We at Brickstreet Sawmill believe we are called to serve God by providing our services to those in need. We have traveled all over the world: to Cambodia to build a playground for the children of the Hard Places Community, to Nicaragua to build a church, and even to Belarus for renovations on an orphanage and church.

Giving Back

Not only is our business based in Clinton, our products are too! Our wood is sourced, locally, from fallen trees. As a way to give back to the environment, we promise to plant a tree for every one used in one of our projects.